The new schoolhouse was completed in March, 2001.

 Naruto Senior High School was founded as Muya Junior High School in August, 1908. The name "Muya" changed to"Naruto" in 1948 and our school was renamed  to "Tokushima Prefectural Naruto Senior High School" in 1956.
 Naruto City is located in the northeast region of Tokushima Prefecture and is opposite Awajishima across from the Naruto Strait. 
With over 800 students, Naruto Senior High School is currently one of the largest schools in Tokushima Prefecture. 
Consequently, Naruto High School also offers the most club activities for students. 
The school offers courses for both full-time and part-time students in the field of general education. 
The schoolhouse and the gym were both designated as a disaster prevention base in the event of an earthquake or tsunami, due to the size and stability of the structures.   


It is a monument made in commemoration of the 100th anniversary and was erected in 2006.




This monument was built by alumni contributions.




Mr. Nakahara worked as the fourth principal at Naruto Senior High School. Many of the students had great respect for him and as a good gesture, many of the students made donations for the creation of his monument at Naruto Senior High School.

School Badge

  Naruto is famous for whirlpools . Therefore, the design of a whirlpool was chosen as our school badge because such a concise, straightforward and vigorous design represents our school. 


School Motto


It is reported that the words "sincerity and industry" were established by the first principal, Mr. Shinichiro Sato and "simplicity and vigor" by the fourth principal, Mr. Usaburo Nakahara.

School Management Policy

★Through cooperation with Naruto University of Education, our shool promotes an appealing and special environment in which students can make their dreams come true. 
★To develop students' personalities and possibilities for the future through education.
★ To develop students' attitudes towards both human rights and moral sense. 
★To create an educational system in which students can learn to respond to changes in society, continue to learn on their own, and contribute to society.
★To respect their own culture
  and traditions, but also develop an international understanding and awareness of different cultures.



Post-Graduation Path

★Around 90% of Naruto High School students hope to proceed into higher education.  Two-thirds of them attend colleges or universities.  
One-third of them attend vocational colleges.  All teachers cooperate to encourage the students to study hard. 
About 10% enter employment upon graduation.
There are also extra morning and evening classes available for students. 


Club Activities

★The baseball team made it to the summer Koshien tournament more than ten times. 
The team came in 8th place in the 2012 spring championship, as well as the 2013 and 2016 summer championships. 
★The track & field club is provided funding by Tokushima Prefecture to strengthen its team and bring in new talent.
★The gymnastics and Naginata (Japanese halberd) team join the national championship every year.
★The brass band join various competitions and finish with great overall scores. At every school event they always give us an excellent performance. 
★The Awa dance club and the modern dance club do great performances and participate in as many events as possible. 


School Festival

★The sports festival is held at Otsuka sports park in September. The games such as the relay, tug-of-war and dances are the main highlights. 
★The cultural festival is held at the beginning of September. 
It's also a great chance for the students in cultural clubs to show their creativity to other students. This event is open to the public. The third grade students enjoy cooking and selling various kinds of food.  


School Trip

★The second grade students visit Tokyo.  They are looking forward to visiting Tokyo Disney Resort, Tokyo Sky Tree, and so on.  They also enjoy their free time in Tokyo by visiting museums, colleges, etc.